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2015 Coldwater ON Banquet Another Resounding Success.
by stanistheman
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The year end banquet for the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club was held on
Thu. Sept 10 2015 and was catered to by Larry Lalonde and crew.
Larry had a large layer cake made in the form of a Shuffleboard Court
and presented it to the Shuffleboard Club at the start of the banquet.
In one of the photos you will see Larry placing a serving container
into the warming tray in preparation for the meal.
In another you will see Larry and his staff of girls who looked after
the tables for the Shuffleboard banquet.
DSC_0107In another photo George O’Reliey is presenting the Ken Polkinghorne memorial award to the most valued person of the year ” Ela Smith ” .

In another photo the lady sitting at the table is Ruth Addison ofDSC_0110
Orillia who is just a few weeks short of her 100th birthday and
standing next to Ruth is Gord Humphries who is 94. Gord is still a regular player and very seldom does he miss a game on
Tue and Thu , while Ruth may have slowed down just a little and only plays once a week.
The age of these two individuals is a good testimony to what has been said many times on Stan’s Blog, that is: by playing the game of
shuffleboard you will keep fit , not only physically but mentally
as well.
The AGM and election of officers was held at the start of the day and
the full slate of executives have been returned to office for another
The increase in Arena rental fee was discussed at length during the
meeting and many of the members thought the cost of joining the
Shuffleboard Club was a bargain, and were prepared to pay much more
if needed to cover the rental increase. Sent along by Gary Pipher With thanks.

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I would like to thank all the Members for a Great Season!

Hope that everyone had Fun.

Just a friendly reminder that our Winter Shuffle will start on Tue. Oct 13th.

G O’Reilly