All The Way From North Bay !!!!

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An Example of “The Love of Shuffleboard”!! by Gary Pipher with Thanks!
by stanistheman
Severn-20150611-00278When a shuffler has been at the game for 30 years it becomes a long summer when there is no shuffleboard in his home town. That is the case with Ted Gowlinski .
Ted lives in North Bay, ON and as there is nothing there in the way of
shuffleboard in North Bay, Ted contacted Gary Pipher and was invited to drop in and
play in Coldwater, ON. It’s a 2 1/2 hr. + drive to Coldwater from North Bay , but
Ted did not seam to mind the long journey, just as long as there was shuffleboard when he arrived!!

Ted did not just arrive!!! He was very competitive and managed to win a few games . He is no stranger to playing in Arenas and has played in Goderich , Chatham and several other well known places around Ontario. Ted spends his winters in Jamaica Bay in the Fort Meyers area of Florida and I am sure many of the players from that district will recognize Ted.

Ted stayed after the games for cake and coffee and said he will be back again next week!!
“Now that’s the love of shuffleboard.”
Sent along by Gary Pipher with thanks!! 2015 06 11. Ted is on the left in pic above.
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