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Coldwater Club Opens To-day by Gary Pipher!! (Tell us when your Club Opens!!)
by stanistheman
DSC_0279 Today at 9:48 PM Gary Pipher speaks:
Shuffleboard Clubs are now opening their doors for another season and Coldwater is just one of those many Clubs. The opening day, to-day saw 67 players come out to play and sign up for the summer season. The rates had to be increase this year by $5.00 and are now $25.00 per person to help offset the increase in Arena rent and insurance. The total of the two combined is close to $5,000.00 for the 38 day summer season. Of course the number of members times their $25.00 membership will not cover this cost , so the Club will have to dig into their bank account to cover the shortfall.
This is the first year the Club has been compelled by the Curling Club to take out liability insurance.
DSC_0282I suppose its a sign of the times , but the Insurance Broker says the wavers we are using are not worth the paper they are written on, and who wants to wait and find out after a law suit has been filed. Click on pic to expand.
When we started the Club 7 or 8 years ago the registration fee was $10.00 and a waver was all that was required. My how things change.
The one picture is of two Zephyrhills players duking it out and the other shows the full house of players.

Gary Pipher. 2015 05 05.
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