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The Central District Expresses Their Appreciation to Lorraine Pollock!

by stanistheman

Lorraine Pollock (50th)

To: Lorraine Pollock:

From: Central District Officers and Directors

Lorraine; the Central District Officers and Directors wish to extend our sincere thanks for your many years of service to the Central District as its District Tournament Director.  CD President Bob Marshman.

Glenn Monroe, former CD President and  currently the FL State Tournament Director, said this on the occasion of Lorraine’s induction into the FSA HOF: “By 1997, Lorraine had been certified as a tournament director and is now the head tournament director for the Central District. Along the way to her service to the state association, Lorraine added ten years of service to the Central District Board, including eight years as its treasurer, in addition to many years of service to her home club, Avon Park.”  Glenn continued: “As I have observed Lorraine Pollock perform her many posts over the past several years, I have seen that she is not only knowledgeable, efficient and accurate, but she is also unfailingly kind, cheerful and cooperative. While I am sure that we can all name individuals who possess the first three qualities, it is very rare indeed to find someone who exhibits all of the qualities. It is the demonstration of all of these traits that make Lorraine Pollock such a valuable member of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.” 

Thank you again from each of us:  Bob Marshman;  Don Rood;  Doug Stockman; Judy Holloway;  Marti Noble;  Mike Seyfer;   Glenn Monroe;       David Earle; and  Ruth Brown.

2015 03 01.  Pic by Stan.  Lorraine is Stepping Down from her Position as District Tournament Director.  George Adyns has been appointed by President Marshman to be the new CD District Tournament Director.

Thanks to Stan for write up……

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