Last Day

Just a friendly reminder that Thursday Sept 18th.will be are wrap up day for the summer season.

Larry Lalonde (ELM) catering will be supply our delicious meal. at 5:00 p.m. or shortly after.

Hope that everyone had a good time this summer and looking forward to seeing you in 2015.

Yours Truly

George O’Reilly  President



Well Done Stan and Lois

McCormack’s Contribution and extend our Thanks!by stanistheman

Stan and Lois From M&MWhen two people become involved in National and International Shuffleboard such as Stan and Lois are , we all just take it for granted the many many things they both do for Shuffleboard.
This Midland 33rd International Championship was just another fine example of your work in promoting the “game” and supporting each and everyone on the tournament planning committee, but it does not end there:  They both promote Canada at every opportunity and it is quite evident that they both are very proud Canadians.  Their many trips to International locations representing Canada and promoting Shuffleboard is unmatched in the history of Canadian Shuffleboard.
We have become reliant on their experience/ knowledge and for the many accurate files, records and history you have on Shuffleboard.
I don’t believe there is another individual who’s name is more synonymous with National and International Shuffleboard than “Stanistheman”.
Stan spend more hours  posting results and stories about the players and happenings on the courts than most of us are awake.
His pursuit of detail is unmatched and his records have been quoted by many as ” legendary”.  When both husband and wife are as committed to Shuffleboard as Stan and Lois are;  it becomes a 24, 7 involvement in the McCormack household.  The many jobs Lois has done for Shuffleboard over the years is for the most part gone unnoticed.
The programs and all the items Lois made for this tournament was just another example of that.   The recognition she received by her induction into the ISA Hall of Fame is just a small token of appreciation by the entire Shuffleboard Community for her dedication and hard work over her many years of involvement .   It was so eloquently put in Lois’s acceptance speech how proud she is  of her family and especially  the McCormack grandchildren;  and oh how proud they are of their grandmother.
We the members of the Shuffleboard Tournament Planning Committee , the CNSA, and on behalf of all the visitors and participants of the 33rd  World Shuffleboard Championship,  want to thank you both for all you do for this game of Shuffleboard.
CNSA Tournament Committee

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Great Job Gary

Contribution, and Extend Our Thanks!!by stanistheman

gary isaGary Pipher – Event Organizer – 33rd ISA Midland, OCT 2014. The decision to hold the 33rd ISA in Midland took place on August 7th 2012 in Seattle during the ISA Board Meeting when Canada’s President, Myrna Bilton, advised that Gary Pipher had made tentative arrangements to reserve the North Simcoe Recreation Centre in Midland, Ontario.

The ISA Board accepted Canada’s invitation and Gary’s work began! An Organization Committee was struck and Gary called several meetings over the two year period between acceptance and implementation. Gary chaired each meeting and it was evident that he had given each a good deal of attention prior to the meeting. We did not just meet and issue minutes; Gary followed each critical item to ensure we were on track. As an example, I just looked at the Sep. 2013 Minutes and confirm that Gary also accepted responsibility for many tasks such as preparing and laying the courts; preparing the discs, including reworking AND ensuring volunteers are available to maintain the courts throughout the event!! AS indicated, that was but one example. Gary worked closely with Recreation Staff to ensure adequate arrangements: e.g. sound system; lighting; dinner decorations and was also our contact with ELM Catering who delivered our lunches and banquets. Gary constructed the Score Boards used during the Tournament. Local Bus Transportation, Hotel to Rec Centre, Gary again. Gary contacted each of the Special Invited Guests for our Opening and ensured they were also invited to our Friday Awards Banquet. We had good media coverage; you guessed it; it was Gary who arranged for both TV and press! Mike Dodd of the Mirror said this: “Hey Gary: Thanks for the interviews and follow-up e-mails. I know you were up to your armpits in details and still found time to talk to The Mirror, so we could do the proper coverage. Mike”. 

Mike had it right: Gary was up to his armpits but he never let it show. He always had the necessary time to ensure each of the “tasks” was unfolding as planned, and if there was a snag, he dealt with it expeditiously!! There was a direct relationship between the success of the 33rd ISA and Gary Pipher. Finally, immediately following the 33rd, Gary ensured that all who assisted, all who responded to the many invitations, were thanked appropriately.

From the Organizing Committee, from the CNSA Board, from the ISA Board, from all Participants of the 33rd ISA, Thank You Gary!