Congratulations Barb Pipher

Presentation of Barb Pipher into the CNSA Hall of Fame, Special Award, by Lois McCormack

by stanistheman


It gives me great pleasure to nominate Barb Pipher, my friend, to the CNSA HOF, Special Awards Category.

Barb has been a silent and effective supporter of the CNSA since the Coldwater Club began in 2005.   I first met Barb at a tournament in Chatham Ontario in the mid-1990s and will always remember her infectious smile, and warm welcome to ALL SHUFFLERS.

Barb with husband Gary became very interested in this sport, so much so that they decided with the help of Ross and Grace, to start looking into establishing shuffleboard in this beautiful facility we are now using.  After a couple years of planning and much travel, extra work, and creating enough outside interest, the deal was done and out came the paint cans for courts, followed by the discs and cues. In support of this rather intense Club Preparation, READ WORK, Barb was equally active, ensuring the several workers were well taken care of!! Coffee, Cookies were never too far from the scene!

Barb travelled with Gary to Other Communities, always helping whenever a new facility came on the scene!! Thinking of Fergus and Picton in particular.

Barb has been Treasurer of the Coldwater shuffleboard club and has worked tirelessly at the annual CNSA tournaments, organizing, and the past few years, assisting the tournament director at these functions.   Barb and Gary travel to and support all the CNSA and OSA Summer tournaments.  When they are wintering in Florida, Canadian shuffleboard is always front and center, new ideas on how and what for the upcoming CNSA events.  Barb has been actively involved in Planning and Organizing the current CNSA tournament as well as being a member of the Organizing Committee for the 33rd ISA World Championship in Midland this Aug.

FROM WEST TO EAST THEY HAVE TRAVELLED: Barb and Gary travelled to High River AB to fully support the CNSA IP tournament being held in the West in 2011, and also attended the IP in Dieppe NB in 2013.

It gives me great pleasure to Nominate Barb Pipher, my friend to the CNSA Special Awards Category of the CNSA Hall of Fame.

Lois McCormack:


C.N.S.A. recap

Congratulations to the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club for a job “Well Done” in Hosting the C.N.S.A. Tournament.

A Special “Thank You” to Ella Smith and her Volunteers for doing such a great job these past 3 days. The report I received from “Our Guests” that attended where nothing but praise for are Club for being such ” Excellent Hosts”.

In the Open Main Event 2 of our ” Newest Members ” of our Club namely’  Audrey Lambe & Paul Alyward came in 4th. in consolation.” Well Done !!!

G. O’Reilly





C.N.S.A. Tournament

Don’t forget the c.n.s.a. tournament starts next week (May 27th)

We are looking for “Door Prizes” as well as “Cash Donations” .

Also Barb Pipher has banquet tickets available.The cost is $19.00 dollars ea.

Looking forward to seeing you there !!!

posted May 19th.



Great Start Up !!!

This Morning  a very excited “Special Needs Group” started their season of Shuffling. It was nice to see their “smiling faces” and thanks to  Shirley Monger,Ruth Burnie and Marie Kinnear for helping out. They also helped to serve coffee and cookies as well. Looking forward to seeing our “Special Group” next Tues.


An Excellent “Turn out” for our afternoon members. All 16 courts where filled and a few had picked a “white stick” and of course had to sit out for the next game. To our ” new members ”  who joined to-day…”.Welcome.”

Happy Shuffling !!







Jim and Ruth Allen

Dear Oakside Friends,

Since returning to our home in Canada Ruth unfortunately has experienced a very rough time. Over the past few years she has managed her condition of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ) very well with prescription puffers and exercise. However on April 22 she needed to go to the ER and subsequently spent 6 days in hospital prior to coming home and is currently required to be on a continuous supply of Oxygen 24/7.

Ruth has a very strong will and is determined to regain her strength in time to journey south to Oakside next fall. It may be a slow journey to recovery but with everyone’s good thoughts and prayers she will win her goal.

If anyone wishes to write her a note our address is: Ruth Allen
                                                            19 Steele Street
                                                            Alliston On. L9R 0E6

We wish everyone a good and safe summer…………..Ruth & Jim


Whats Old Is New Again

Dear Members

Welcome to our New Blog Site !!

Hope that you enjoy!! This is for all members that want to keep up with the current events such as the dates for Tournaments,Club News etc.


George OReilly



Tournament Dates

These are the upcoming Dates for the C.N.S.A. and O.S.A. Tournaments

Coldwater C.N.S.A. Doubles May 27th.28th.29th.

Centre Welland (Fergus)O.S.A. Doubles June 10th.11th.12th.

Goderich O.S.A. Doubles June 24th.25th.26th.

Nobel O.S.A. Doubles July 15th.16th.17th.


Start Up Date

To All Members

Coldwater Shuffleboard Club start-up will be Tuesday May 13th.

Have Fun

G O’Reilly