Tournaments for Summer 2018



AMATEUR- May 29-30     OPEN- May. 30-31
Location: Ingersol Arena, 97 Mutual St  Ingersol Ont.
Contact: Jim Corbeil –
Special CNSA Poster highlighting sponsors for this Tournament –

AMATEUR- June 12-13    OPEN- June 13-14
Location: 29 David St. W, Elora Ont. ( Curling Club)
Lunch: Available (Homemade-Yummy)
Accommodations: Motels nearby.
Contact: Rendall Bilton (  519-787-0131
Maureen Bryan ( 519-787-9988
*OSA General Meeting will be- Tuesday June 12th, 2018 following play.

AMATEUR- June 26-27    OPEN- June 27-28
Location: Memorial Arena, 180 Mcdonald St., Goderich Ont.
Lunch: Available
Accommodations: Camper Parking: 6 Spaces Available On Site, Motels nearby.
Contacts: Al Weeks   519-524-1632
Jim Howard   519-524-5038


AMATEUR July 24-25    OPEN July 25-26
Location: Coldwater Curling Club, 9 Michael Anne Dr., Coldwater ON L0K 1E0
Lunch Available (home-made items!)
Camper Parking: Available on the Curling Club lot. (Join the party!)
Contact: George O’Reilly –  – 705-325-3429
* Banquet will be on Tuesday July 24th, by the same (and perennial favourite) chef!

AMATEURS- Aug. 7-8    OPEN- Aug. 8-9
Location: Golden Acres Curling Club, 430 Catherine St., Blenheim, Ont.
Lunch: Available
Camping: No onsite overnight campers.  Suggestions:
– Wilson Conservation Area (8km),
– Rondeau Prov. Park,
– Wildwood Park (18 Km),
– small trailer park In Erieau(10km).
Contact: Joe Lessard  519-676-0599)
Roger Kellam   519-676-3989)

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Thank you COLDWATER Shuffleboard Club.
On behalf of the OSA, we would like to thank the COLDWATER Shuffleboard Club for hosting a very successful CNSA shuffleboard tournament July 18-20th, 2017. Pres George O’Reilly and his organizers put on a first class tournament and a banquet dinner enjoyed by all who attended. Special thanks to all the sponsors for this occasion.
Thanks again for Marlene Corbeil for directing the tournament and congratulations to all who played , win or lose, we all have taken away with us special moments of laughter and fun.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next and last tournament of the season in Blenheim, Ont. Aug. 8-10th, 2017.
Rendall Bilton,
OSA Pres.

looking Back 10 Years Ago

Summer Season Look Back to June of 2006!! Article 9 by Gary Pipher.
by stanistheman

It is possible that some followers will have read the articles I will post in this series. However; as most were posted when Alf Primeau and I had the Website, and as I now have 329 “friends” on Facebook which we did not have at that time, I do hope that both “new” followers and the “not so new” followers will enjoy the articles. I will avoid some of the more controversial articles. During this period, Earl Ball, Wilbur Estes, Larry Brown and Sandy Quinn were frequent writers. DO HOPE YOU ENJOY!! Stan

Coldwater ON Club in 2006.
Coldwater ON Club in 2006.

Members of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club are enjoying a fellowship that is only to be found after a good game of Shuffleboard.

The Coldwater Club opened its doors on May 11 of this year and has already grown to 45 members. We have people like Bill and Loraine Pollock and Doug and Lottie Bell who travel twice a week from Wasaga Beach to play shuffleboard in Coldwater, and then there is also the dedication of Peter and Erika Berg who drive down from north of Parry Sound.

The Bergs / Bells and Pollocks are very active shuffleboard players during the winter months in Florida, and playing two days a week in Coldwater helps to keep their skills honed for the competitions of Florida.

Peter and Erika Berg are part of the selected team representing Canada and will be playing in the International Shuffleboard Games later this summer at Lakeside, OHIO.

From April to October the Bergs live at their summer home on Georgian Bay which is only accessible by water. They must travel by boat to the marine landing, get in their car and then drive 140 miles round trip to Coldwater to play shuffleboard. “NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL DEDICATION”. Hats off to the Bergs!!

The Coldwater Club can also boast having a very special senior Lady of Shuffleboard. 91 year old Ruth Addison of Orillia has played shuffleboard for many years in the Clearwater area of Florida, but now enjoys playing twice a week in Coldwater. Although Ruth has not been going to Florida during the winter for several years, she notes that the fundamentals of the game of shuffleboard are still the same , but the atmosphere and the friendly warm feeling she gets at the Coldwater Club is different than most clubs. After every day of shuffleboard the members gather in the Clubhouse for an active après shuffle time. Coffee / soft drinks / cake and cookies are always the big hit of the day and it allows everyone time to unwind before driving home.

Today was a very special day for the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club when Sherry Lawson of Casino Rama dropped by and presented the Club with a cheque for $250.00. The club wishes to thank the Casino Rama and Sherry for their generous donation and according to the ” Piphers ” the money will be put to good use in purchasing much needed supplies for the Shuffleboard Club.

You are no doubt interested in the game of shuffleboard if you are reading this article, and the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club wish to extend an invitation to anyone who reads this to drop by for a free day of shuffleboard and coffee if you are ever in the Coldwater area.

Games are played on Tue and Thu at 1:pm in the Curling arena just one block off the main street of Coldwater. “Just tell us Stan and Alf of the Shuffler sent you”

Casino Rama Supports Shuffleboard
Casino Rama Supports Shuffleboard

Pix on left is of Sherry Lawson of Casino Rama presenting the cheque to Gary and Ross Pipher who along with their wives Barb and Grace organized the Coldwater Club. The 3rd pix is some of the Club Members.

Our 91 year old “Special Lady ” is third from the left in the front row of pic at top.

Thanks To Gary Pipher. 2006 06 29. (Author of the Article)
Stan’s Note: Thanks so very much for what can only be described as a Success Story!! HATS OFF TO THE TRAVELING PIPHERS OF COLDWATER, ON. If you have a story you would like posted on THE SHUFFLER, PLEASE SEND IT ALONG.
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Thanks to Gary !!!

2015 Coldwater ON Banquet Another Resounding Success.
by stanistheman
DSC_0105 DSC_0102DSC_0108

The year end banquet for the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club was held on
Thu. Sept 10 2015 and was catered to by Larry Lalonde and crew.
Larry had a large layer cake made in the form of a Shuffleboard Court
and presented it to the Shuffleboard Club at the start of the banquet.
In one of the photos you will see Larry placing a serving container
into the warming tray in preparation for the meal.
In another you will see Larry and his staff of girls who looked after
the tables for the Shuffleboard banquet.
DSC_0107In another photo George O’Reliey is presenting the Ken Polkinghorne memorial award to the most valued person of the year ” Ela Smith ” .

In another photo the lady sitting at the table is Ruth Addison ofDSC_0110
Orillia who is just a few weeks short of her 100th birthday and
standing next to Ruth is Gord Humphries who is 94. Gord is still a regular player and very seldom does he miss a game on
Tue and Thu , while Ruth may have slowed down just a little and only plays once a week.
The age of these two individuals is a good testimony to what has been said many times on Stan’s Blog, that is: by playing the game of
shuffleboard you will keep fit , not only physically but mentally
as well.
The AGM and election of officers was held at the start of the day and
the full slate of executives have been returned to office for another
The increase in Arena rental fee was discussed at length during the
meeting and many of the members thought the cost of joining the
Shuffleboard Club was a bargain, and were prepared to pay much more
if needed to cover the rental increase. Sent along by Gary Pipher With thanks.

DSC_0094 DSC_0090 DSC_0089DSC_0101 DSC_0095

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Coldwater Holds Their Annual Fun Day Competition!!! Sent Along by Gary Pipher with Thanks!!!
by stanistheman
20150820_120639To day Aug 20 2015 , the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club held their annual Fun Day competition with three games of Hoss Collar complete with a BBQ lunch that included cake / fruit and all the trimmings.
Partners for each game were chosen by a scrambles draw, and although their was enough active players for 14 courts , there was plenty there to fill all 16 courts.
Lorraine Pollock came out of retirement for the day and along with her assistant Barb Pipher they took care of recording the scores for each of the players and distributed the prize money to the winners at the end of the day.
The cost to take part in the “fun day” was $3.00 and all the money was turned back to the players in cash prizes for both high and low scores.
Coldwater Fun 2015After the lunch was over the players assembled outside for a group photo taken by the resident photographer George O’Reilley . A light rain began to fall , so things moved along rather quickly. (click on pic to expand)
The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club will hold its last day for the 2015 summer season on Sept 10 . At which time there will be the usual number of regular shuffleboard games as well as the AGM , and that will be followed by a catered banquet by ELM catering (Larry Lalonde)
The meals supplied by Larry and his wife Loraine are always a treat, and for anyone who has been to one of the Coldwater functions , I am sure will attest to that.

As the costs of living increases , so does the cost of Arena rental etc. The Coldwater Club is faced with some hefty increases for next year,and for the 32 days of Shuffleboard they will be paying aprox $3400.00 for the Arena rental and another $1600.00 compulsory liability insurance.
With increases like this, how can shuffleboard continue in Coldwater???
At one time Shuffleboard in Coldwater was a recreation that was affordable for Seniors on fixed incomes and the Arena management were satisfied to have someone using the facility during the off season, but the Curling members now see the shuffleboard club as to have been taking advantage of their facility and keep increasing the rates . How long can any Shuffleboard Club exist when having to live with paying out $5,000.00 for 32 days of shuffleboard and all shared by less than 130 members. I am sure other clubs are faced with similar dilemmas.

Gary Pipher 2015 08 20 Stan McCormack.

All The Way From North Bay !!!!

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An Example of “The Love of Shuffleboard”!! by Gary Pipher with Thanks!
by stanistheman
Severn-20150611-00278When a shuffler has been at the game for 30 years it becomes a long summer when there is no shuffleboard in his home town. That is the case with Ted Gowlinski .
Ted lives in North Bay, ON and as there is nothing there in the way of
shuffleboard in North Bay, Ted contacted Gary Pipher and was invited to drop in and
play in Coldwater, ON. It’s a 2 1/2 hr. + drive to Coldwater from North Bay , but
Ted did not seam to mind the long journey, just as long as there was shuffleboard when he arrived!!

Ted did not just arrive!!! He was very competitive and managed to win a few games . He is no stranger to playing in Arenas and has played in Goderich , Chatham and several other well known places around Ontario. Ted spends his winters in Jamaica Bay in the Fort Meyers area of Florida and I am sure many of the players from that district will recognize Ted.

Ted stayed after the games for cake and coffee and said he will be back again next week!!
“Now that’s the love of shuffleboard.”
Sent along by Gary Pipher with thanks!! 2015 06 11. Ted is on the left in pic above.
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